Color Harmonies ❀❀❀

1. Complementary (red and green) (source:   2. Split Complementary (purple, green and orange)   (source: 3. Analogous (green and blue) (source: 4. Tetrad (blue, red, orange and green) (source: 5. Triad (green,… Continue reading


Black. White. It was always either black or white for me. I find the convenience of combining either of those two colors with one other color very efficient in my to-go morning routines.… Continue reading

Color Harmonies

Complementary – Blue and Orange Burberry-Prorsum Spring 2012 RTW Analogous – Light yellow, Yellow, and Orange Badgley Mischka Spring 2012 RTW Triadic – Green, Orange, and Purple Christian Dior Spring 2010… Continue reading

Helmut Lang

by Tiana Cruz   Spring reinvigorates. And that is exactly what Helmut Lang Spring 2011 did. The stark whites, the nudes and a bit of color here and there brought something refreshing to… Continue reading


Credits to the Bloggers and Lookbook.

the white shirt

I post this post to appreciate the white shirt. Whether t-shirt, long sleeve, polo shirt or sleeveless, the white shirt never fails us. It can be paired to almost anything and it is… Continue reading

Color Harmonies in Clothing

COMPLEMENTARY [image source]   ANALOGOUS [image source]   TRIAD [image source]   SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY [image source]   TETRAD [image source]   SQUARE [image source]   MONOCHROMATIC (with different intensities) [image source]   (with different… Continue reading


*All photos came from, Anna Sui’s RTW collections 2001-2014. And [obviously] Elith’s Best Designer Award goes to… ANNA SUI! Anna Sui was the first designer I knew and hers was the first… Continue reading

Color Harmonies in Clothing

COMPLEMENTARY Purple dress with yellow purse and shoes ( ANALOGOUS Purple/Blue/Blue-green ( TRIAD Orange jacket, purple top, green pants ( SPLIT-COMPLEMENTARY Red-violet shoes, blue-green skirt, yellow-green belt ( RECTANGLE yellow coat, blue scarf,… Continue reading

The Arduous Task of Analyzing Colors (Is Worth It)

I am not a fan of color theories though this exercise really pushed me to be more aware about colors. Here are some of my finds 🙂 (IMAGE CREDITS: STYLE.COM) Here is a… Continue reading