Color Harmonies by Eianna Grace Lontoc


Color Harmonies by Kash Tenefrancia

The variety of choices and outcomes that result from the fun of mixing and matching colors. :)) Complementary *Hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel.   Analogous *Various values and… Continue reading

Color Harmonies by Michole Patrick Tan RedGreen Complimentary BlueLightGreenGreen Analogous GreenVioletOrange Triad GreenFusciaOrange Split Complimentary RedBlueOrangeGreen Rectangle RedBlueGreenYellow Square Blue Different Values Monochromatic I My favorite Designer is Betsey Johnson. Forever Fun, Forever Young. Though… Continue reading

Jeremy Scott and his Color Harmonies

I like Jeremy Scott’s designs. They are fun and lively. He uses prints (symbols) that catches your attention, and his use of colors add up to the uniqueness to his designs. In his… Continue reading

Color Harmonies by Karinna Engracia

1. Complimentary. 2. Analogous. 3. Triad. 4. Split complimentary. 5. Tetrad. 6. Square. 7. Monochromatic – different intensities. 8. Monochromatic – different values.   9. Monochromatic – a specific hue   10. Zac… Continue reading

Color Harmonies

    1. Complementary 2. Analogous 3. Triad   4. Split Complementary   4. Tetradic . 5. Square   6. Monochromatic different values: 7. Monochromatic different intensities 8. Specific hue Emma Farrow is… Continue reading

Color Harmonies by Anna Thea Villaflores

Color Harmonies on Clothing

Here are photos of Color Harmonies used in Clothing Design: 1. Analogous – The use of colors that are next to each other in the color wheel. Analogous colors are good for people… Continue reading

Color Harmonies!!

Complementary – Orange and Blue Source:   Analogous – Red, Red Orange, Orange Source:   Triad – Red, Yellow, Blue Source:   Split Complementary – Red, Blue, Green Source:   Tetrad – Blue, Red Orange, Green,… Continue reading

Colored Up!

I always love playing with colors on my outfits. This lesson on color schemes really got my interest because now I could mix and match the palette of my outfits based on the… Continue reading