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Color Harmonies by Roshelle Munez

*click photos for source 1. Complementary 2. Analogous 3. Triad 4. Split Complementary (Cyan-YellowOrange-RedOrange) 5. Tetrad (Red-Violet-Yellow-Green) 6. Square (YellowOrange-Green-Blue-Red) 7. Monochromatic – a specific hue 10. Favorite Designer – Carven F/W 2012… Continue reading

Fashion & Art

I think that Fashion and Art are very related to each other because I believe that everything is art, in one way or another. The articles of clothing we choose, the colors, the… Continue reading


Since in class we talked about how society affects us and the way we dress, and how fashion is the type of style that is accepted by a social group at a certain… Continue reading


Recently, I’ve been wanting a lot of things. I’ve been wanting clothes in particular. Since I’ve been wanting these things, I decided to voice out my frustrations of wanting these things but not… Continue reading

The Clothes Whisperer by Roshelle Munez

I have this bad habit of speaking my mind (without hesitance) when it comes to clothes. Say for example, a girl passes by wearing something really nice and I say to my friend,… Continue reading

“What will you do with your BS CT Education?” By Roshelle Munez

I took up BS CT not only because I like wearing clothes, but also because I like creating them. As a child, I would create designs of clothes, ranging from sportswear to high… Continue reading