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Make-over challenge

The goal was to achieve this look in a span of a few hours with a limited budget; and it was done! Under 200 bucks in roughly three hours (not bad at all).… Continue reading

“Fashionably Artsy”

What a blank canvas is to a painter is a person’s body to a designer. A paintbrush and a set of oil paint will be a pair of scissors and a number of… Continue reading

Gothic Fashion

As someone who immensely loves the color black (and other dark colors), it was inevitable for me to be a fan of gothic fashion. I may not wear it, but I appreciate it… Continue reading

Hot Chocolate and Mint

I can still remember the day I tried to stalk a classmate’s blog back when I was in third year high school (2008). It was my first time reading a blog that was… Continue reading

What Clothing says about You

“I’ve always believed that clothing is a great way to tell your story.” –Carson Kressley During our class in CT11, our professor showed us a short clip where a detective named Sherlock Holmes… Continue reading

“What will you do with your BS CT Education?”By Rio Sumcad

When I was a kid, I used to draw lots and lots of girls in pretty dresses and I loved to play dress up. And somewhere between that I realized that one day,… Continue reading