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Color Harmonies in Clothing

COMPLEMENTARY Purple dress with yellow purse and shoes ( ANALOGOUS Purple/Blue/Blue-green ( TRIAD Orange jacket, purple top, green pants ( SPLIT-COMPLEMENTARY Red-violet shoes, blue-green skirt, yellow-green belt ( RECTANGLE yellow coat, blue scarf,… Continue reading

Wait- you call that fashion?!?!?

Seriously???? These pictures are just a small sampling of what most people classify as “weird fashion”. I’m ok with designers showing their creativity, uniqueness and quirkiness in the clothes they make, but this… Continue reading

Speaking with Clothing (by Timi Nins Dajac)

I think clothing can be  a form of unspoken communication. Each person’s  clothing is like a picture of the wearer’s personality, style, mood, beliefs and even social status. People can send messages through the… Continue reading

“What will you do with your BS CT Education?” by Nins Dajac

I will use my BS CT Education to become an apprentice of a major fashion designer. I want to become an apprentice first because I want to further enhance my skills as a… Continue reading