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Neon Rainbow’s Willy Wonka


Color Harmonies

    1. Complementary 2. Analogous 3. Triad   4. Split Complementary   4. Tetradic . 5. Square   6. Monochromatic different values: 7. Monochromatic different intensities 8. Specific hue Emma Farrow is… Continue reading

Little mister fashyown

Growing up, I noticed that whenever my aunts get pregnant.. people around always hope for a girl. Why? Because they say, it’s so much fun when dressing baby girls than baby boys. Since… Continue reading


“Red, white, blue is in the skies. Summer is in the air and baby heaven is in your eyes.” I’ve always had a knack for the old fashion apparel, and I think Lana… Continue reading

What does clothing say about you? -Maxine Soliven

What does clothing say? What does your clothing say about you?             I believe that clothing gives you the chance to make a statement without having to say… Continue reading

What will you do with your BS CT education? – Maxine Soliven

What will you do with your BS CT education?             Since I was little, I always enjoyed dressing up both my Barbie doll and myself. I loved the… Continue reading