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Make-over challenge

The goal was to achieve this look in a span of a few hours with a limited budget; and it was done! Under 200 bucks in roughly three hours (not bad at all).… Continue reading

A Beautiful Nightmare

Exploring the interaction between film, fashion and art, University of the Philippines’ freshmen students present an exhibit that surveys the iconic images from Tim Burton’s Classic Films, through contemporary fashion references while also… Continue reading

Jeremy Scott and his Color Harmonies

I like Jeremy Scott’s designs. They are fun and lively. He uses prints (symbols) that catches your attention, and his use of colors add up to the uniqueness to his designs. In his… Continue reading

Comfortable and Confident. – Lor Azurin

I wear what I want to wear. Sometimes I dress up and sometimes I don’t. I usually have to walk or ride the jeep when going to my classes. I have to wear… Continue reading

What will I do with my BS CT Education? -Lor Azurin

It has only been a few days with CT 11, CT 14, and CTRA 19, but I have already learned a lot. If a few days with these classes gave me much, what… Continue reading