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Make-over challenge

The goal was to achieve this look in a span of a few hours with a limited budget; and it was done! Under 200 bucks in roughly three hours (not bad at all).… Continue reading

Versace RTW Spring 2013

The Versace RTW Spring 2013 collection dominantly used the colors black and beige. Most of the looks made use of lace, cut out uniquely and placed right over or used to finish the… Continue reading

Completely Unrelated

I have this secret shame where I’m in love with local models (and sometimes personalities? Sometimes.) I think majority of my free time’s spent stalking Instagram accounts; I’m not even the type to stalk… Continue reading

Color Harmonies by Karinna Engracia

1. Complimentary. 2. Analogous. 3. Triad. 4. Split complimentary. 5. Tetrad. 6. Square. 7. Monochromatic – different intensities. 8. Monochromatic – different values.   9. Monochromatic – a specific hue   10. Zac… Continue reading

A Blank Canvas by Karinna Engracia

Being an aspiring designer, I do as much as I can to know what I want to offer. I want my brand to represent me; I want my clothes to mirror my personality… Continue reading

What does clothing say by Karinna Engracia

Contrary to what we may all believe, sometimes our clothes don’t always immediately shout out individuality. Sometimes, it whispers “I have money” “I saw this on someone on television/online” or even nothing at… Continue reading

Karinna Engracia

After graduating BSCT, I aspire to start up my own clothing business here in the Philippines. I plan to make myself through my own clothing brand, that would flourish in and out of… Continue reading