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Color Harmonies in Clothing

COMPLEMENTARY [image source]   ANALOGOUS [image source]   TRIAD [image source]   SPLIT COMPLEMENTARY [image source]   TETRAD [image source]   SQUARE [image source]   MONOCHROMATIC (with different intensities) [image source]   (with different… Continue reading


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The first time I came across this quote was in my high school art class. Now, studying fashion, I come across it a… Continue reading

Best Stressed?

Looking back at the clothes I’ve been wearing to school, I realize that I dress really simply. If a stranger were looking at my usual type of outfit, I don’t think he would… Continue reading

i hate leaving blog entries with no title

As I’ve mentioned before, my main goal when I choose what to wear is to be comfortable in the clothes I’m in. But there are days when I like to dress up for… Continue reading

Clothes Speak

What does clothing say? To be seen is one thing, To be understood is another My purpose for comfort, beauty, Or for no reason at all Says something about who wears me But… Continue reading

Science and Art

When I was younger, I wanted to be a secret agent and a fashion designer. I used to really believe that I could be both, but I now realize that it is sort… Continue reading