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Make-over challenge

The goal was to achieve this look in a span of a few hours with a limited budget; and it was done! Under 200 bucks in roughly three hours (not bad at all).… Continue reading

Pitch Fashion

I once mentioned during our CT 11 class that I was once this oversized kid who can’t wear the clothes he wanted, who can’t go out with his chin up high because of… Continue reading

On clothes and self by Fourth Santos

In our CT 11 classes, we tackled a lot of things, and as a springboard to the succeeding lessons to be discussed, we focused on clothing and the self so we can have… Continue reading

“What will you do with your BS CT Education?”By Fourth Santos

Assuming that I would have a degree of BS Clothing Technology four years from now (I really do hope so), I would synthesize all of the things that I would learn to come… Continue reading