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Design For All 5 Senses Jinsop Lee tells us how using all five senses in designing make better designs. Since we are already talking about the design process in class I thought this video of Jinsop Lee… Continue reading

Color Harmonies on Clothing

Here are photos of Color Harmonies used in Clothing Design: 1. Analogous – The use of colors that are next to each other in the color wheel. Analogous colors are good for people… Continue reading

Color Uncovered App

Hi everyone! Since we are on the topic of colors, here is a cool app on colors! COLOR UNCOVERED APP  I personally explored this app and I really liked it. It is an… Continue reading

Our Western Aesthetic on Wedding Gowns

The Igorot people are one of the very few group of people that really patronize their locally made products and I really appreciate them for that. Although it has ever since been a… Continue reading

Art and Fashion as Human Expressions

For me fashion is another form of Art. Fashion like any other artwork is created by man in response to how she perceives the world she lives in. Like art, fashion foster awareness… Continue reading

How to look Good Naked

How to look Good Naked Long ago I was able to watch one episode of this TV  reality show series. And it didn’t appeal to me then. It was for old people. For… Continue reading

Aspiring to Learn the Art of Timeless Style

I have always imagined my works to be for people within my age range and since I am 23 that would be either 10 years younger and older than me. In my works… Continue reading

The Uniform Project

It is pretty interesting.

“What will I do with my CT education?” by Bonsai Cielo

I really wanted to be part of  Clothing Tech because I believe that everything I can learn here will help foster my project, ILI. ILI is an Igorot term for homeland. I was… Continue reading