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Betsey Johnson – Spring 2012

Fun, feminine, and fierce! As always, Betsey Johnson was able to mix these elements together, perfectly in one collection. There was a variety of colors – from pastels, neons, and black and white;… Continue reading

Color Harmonies by Anna Thea Villaflores

Fashion + Art

art a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination (Britannica Encyclopedia) In the most basic sense, fashion is art. Fashion becomes a visual experience when clothes are… Continue reading

Fashion + Technology

As much as I would love luminescent, sound-reacting dresses, or LED shoes… I find them so unnecessary. I mean who needs a dress that lights up? (Well okay fine maybe I need it… Continue reading

Gender + Fashion

How timely was the Pride Week for our last week’s discussion about Gender as seen through fashion channels! The Pride Week is a celebration for and by LGBT community. They ended the celebration… Continue reading

What does clothing say? What does your clothing say? by Anna Thea Villaflores

As a Clothing Technologist, I almost always judge a person by their choice of clothing. Yes, how judgmental of me, but I honestly can’t help it because it’s the first thing I see… Continue reading

“What will you do with your BS CT Education?”By Anna Thea Villaflores

I went in CT with two major aspirations:  1) I want to be able to produce cheap but fashionable clothes for the masses. Fashion should not be restricted to the people who can afford… Continue reading