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Our Western Aesthetic on Wedding Gowns

The Igorot people are one of the very few group of people that really patronize their locally made products and I really appreciate them for that. Although it has ever since been a… Continue reading

Art and Fashion as Human Expressions

For me fashion is another form of Art. Fashion like any other artwork is created by man in response to how she perceives the world she lives in. Like art, fashion foster awareness… Continue reading

Body as Canvas

What is art? More often than not, people associate art to paintings, drawings, and sculpture. These three, although just a few examples of the many things people can associate the word “art” with,… Continue reading


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The first time I came across this quote was in my high school art class. Now, studying fashion, I come across it a… Continue reading

Best Stressed?

Looking back at the clothes I’ve been wearing to school, I realize that I dress really simply. If a stranger were looking at my usual type of outfit, I don’t think he would… Continue reading

Gamer Fashion

There are some people usually look at gamers as “nerds” or “geeks” with no sense of fashion. Well, that, or they just almost never associate gamers with good clothes. While that can be… Continue reading

How to look Good Naked

How to look Good Naked Long ago I was able to watch one episode of this TV  reality show series. And it didn’t appeal to me then. It was for old people. For… Continue reading

Aspiring to Learn the Art of Timeless Style

I have always imagined my works to be for people within my age range and since I am 23 that would be either 10 years younger and older than me. In my works… Continue reading

High Fashion? Low Fashion?

When the word “fashion” is mentioned, people often think of high fashion. The elaborate, amazingly put-together outfits you see on the runways, or the complicated but elegant dresses celebrities wear at award ceremonies.… Continue reading

i hate leaving blog entries with no title

As I’ve mentioned before, my main goal when I choose what to wear is to be comfortable in the clothes I’m in. But there are days when I like to dress up for… Continue reading