Portfolio Part IV – Fashion Collection Review by Bonsai

Louis Vuitton / Spring 2014 RTW – Marc Jacobs Curtain Call


Marc Jacobs Final Collection for Louis Vuitton after 16 years of being the Resident Designer is a fitting Curtain Call. It combined all the elements of all his past shows and molded them into a complete theatrical package.

It showcased all the design elements that he is known for, and showed the reason why Louis Vuitton has been elevated from a Luggage Maker to a Global Brand.

First, his choice of color. Marc Jacobs chose black, but not the somber kind, going instead for the shiny and bright black. The result is a sort of “happy goth” with blue from the denim that the models wore every now and then.

Silhouettes were uniform, with almost all items in the collection body draping or hugging, with only the jackets, giving a variation in the silhouettes of the models. But even the jackets themselves were almost of uniform length and shape.

Texture too was uniform all throughout also, with occasional furry elements that enhance the contour of the sleeves of the jackets and dresses. These elements gave variation in visual texture and had the effect of enticing the audience to view the next item in the collection. But if there was an element that united it all, it was the line work with nary a superficial or extraneous curve or angle among all the clothes. Item after item, the lines were fluid and uninterrupted. Each design blending into the next.

Lastly, the use of beaded feathers as headpieces or other accessories extended the personal space of each model making them larger than life.


The best showcase of this unity in design was the bookends of the collection, with the first seemingly bare, and the last completely clothed but well in fact showed the same amount of skin.

This collection is one of the best examples of each design element working in harmony creating something more than the sum of its parts. A fitting farewell show for a designer who has excellently blended his personal aesthetics with that of the fashion house in his car