Make-over challenge


The goal was to achieve this look in a span of a few hours with a limited budget; and it was done! Under 200 bucks in roughly three hours (not bad at all). In achieving the look, we focused on the accent piece: the sweater. After finding the sweater, the group separated into pairs to look for the other pieces of the outfit. Because we really didn’t expect the thrift stores to be up to date on the fashion trends, we scavenged for pieces of clothing that we knew we could just alter– like the Peter Pan collar bib (which was originally a shirt with a Peter Pan collar), the cropped sweater (which was originally and regular sweater we cut up) and the white high-waisted shorts (which were originally white high-waisted pants).

After completing our garment, little alterations were made to cater the look; luckily everything was the perfect fit.

During the make-up session, because a more natural look was the goal, we focused on clearing the face to simply emphasize the already natural and bubbly beauty the client owned, which was also carried by the outfit. So it was just light and natural looking eye make up, little contouring, minimal blush and a natural pink lip. To finish off, the group tied the client’s hair into a half fishtail pony. However, it could’ve been better to have her hair tied into a high pony– as commented upon presentation.

Altogether, the challenge was great! We applied everything we learned and the client seemed perfectly comfortable in the make up and the outfit chosen– because it was her.


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