Applying What I Learn(ed) -Kiara Ashley Tenefrancia

Besides wanting to make a name for myself in the fashion/clothing industry, there is a list of things that my mind has been set to achieve first.

This is what tops that list:

My eyes have always been open to the fact that there are so many problems in the world. I am also aware of the sad reality that although so many are affected by them, only a few have responded to and have attempted to try and solve them . I grew up in a family where I was taught that helping others should not be an option, but a priority. I was told that whatever we attain in life, no matter how significant we may have established ourselves to be in society, if we never learn how to be kind and give back and share what we have in excess, then all we’ve achieved are equated to nothing. So, I realized that I want to be part of that few who try, even in my own little way. Knowing now how important clothes are as a basic necessity, I will use my BS CT education to help them gain access to this necessity. By now, I may not know how, but, what I learned when I was young and will learn as I continue on with my studies, will guide me and keep me motivated to reach my goal.